Sarcasm Detection in Text: A Case Study Using Transformer Models

This post presents a straightforward case study on using a pre-trained Transformer model for sarcasm detection in text. It covers the dataset preparation, model fine-tuning, and evaluation process, providing insights into the capabilities and limitations of AI in understanding nuanced language like sarcasm.

2024-02-25 · 9 min · 1858 words · Hunter Heidenreich

CoQA Dataset: Advancing Conversational Question Answering

Discover the CoQA dataset: A resource for conversational question answering challenges in NLP.

2018-08-23 · 6 min · 1151 words · Hunter Heidenreich

QuAC: Unveiling the Question Answering in Context Dataset

Explore the QuAC dataset, a novel resource designed to advance conversational question answering systems in natural language processing.

2018-08-23 · 5 min · 916 words · Hunter Heidenreich