Hi, I’m Hunter Heidenreich, a machine learning engineer. I enjoy language, time-series forecasting, and scientific applications of AI (particularly in chemistry and materials science). I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science (Drexel University) and a master’s degree in computer science (Harvard University).


  • 5 years of building and deploying deep learning algorithms in an academic research-based setting.
  • 4+ years of working with deep learning for NLP, emphasizing semi-supervised learning and large language models (Transformers)
  • 2 years building deep learning models for scientific simulation, focusing on time-series forecasting with Transformers and RNNs
  • 1-year developing Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) for chemistry and materials-based applications, specifically reduced-order models for generative AI applications

PyTorch, NLP, Generative Modeling, Time-Series Forecasting, Transformers, RNNs, GNNs, Python, SQL, C/C++